Learn how a great educator can change the world. We explain the impact educators have and how they play many important roles in the development of our children. Click to learn more about the impact of a great educator.

How A Great Educator Can Change The World

Educators are without a doubt the most important members of our society. They provide children with direction, inspiration, and the learning blocks for a successful future. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Teachers have the most important job in the world. Those who have an impact on the children of society have the power to change lives. Not just for those children themselves, but for all of civilization.  

Children convey the lessons that are imparted to them at a young age throughout the rest of their lives. They will use what they have learned to influence humanity.  From a very young age, students are learning from what they see, hear and do.

The Important Roles of Educators


Educators are role models that can inspire the student to go further and dream bigger. They hold students accountable for their successes and failures and teach them to push forward through adversities. 

Educators wear several hats as part of their everyday regime.  They do not just educate by instruction or lesson planning.  They also educate by way of carrying out the following roles:


Educators are trained to be a ‘helping profession’. Educators create meaningful relationships with their students and provide additional support outside of the typical lesson planning.  Educators are sometimes the only safe space a student has. Educators often turn out to be the shoulder, safe space, and/or ear that some students may not have at home/in their personal life.  



This is definitely the most tedious part of teaching, but educators must complete routine paperwork, prep lessons, order required materials, maintain attendance records, report cards, keep up with governing bodies requirements, and more.  


PR Specialist:
To be an effective educator, it is often required to maintain working relations with caretakers, the community, and other staff members. Even when the subject may be difficult to discuss the educator must do so in a professional and respectful manner.  


Role Model:

Since the beginning of time children aspire to be like their favorite adults, which includes their favorite educators! Educators are people that we can look up to and aspire to be like; they are able to make a substantial and positive impact on their students' lives. 

Educators truly do have the most challenging job around and our team at Calm Elements Skincare salutes them and proudly offers a discount to all educators on our website.  We thank you, educators, for without you where would we be?!?!

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