Learn how you can find calm in the storm. We explain why you shouldn’t let the rain get you down. Click to learn how you can learn to romanticize the mundane and find calm in the storm.

Don’t Let The Rain Get You Down! Find Calm In The Storm.


Some say they love the sound of rain. Others feel its presence is a nuisance. 


As the rain falls down it nourishes the land and vegetation. It creates opportunities for insects to feed on healthy plants and flowers to blossom even larger than they were before. 


Rain can be tranquil and create a sense of calm by listening to its rhythmic pace. Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate the soothing sound of water and droplets arriving on a surface? If we could take a moment in our ultra-busy lives and stand or sit still and listen to the rain we may find answers to our questions, peace in our internal storms, or purely quiet in our noisy lives. 


Rain is what you make of it. Ever wonder why some people love dancing in the rain and others hide indoors? The people that let loose and break free from the norm and look at rain as a chance to live for that moment with reckless abandon truly find beauty in life. 


When the clouds get full and the rain starts to come down just remember that in this moment, in this space the rain is what you make of it and after all what other force of nature creates a beautiful rainbow when it’s all done?!


Take a moment, listen to the beat of the droplets, find peace and calm in the storm, and don’t let the rain get you down. 

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