Learn about how you can give yourself a face slimming lymphatic drainage massage at home. We explain what a lymphatic drainage massage is, its benefits, and how you can give one to yourself at home. Click to learn more about lymphatic drainage massages.

Give Yourself A Face Slimming Lymphatic Drainage Massage At Home

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to magically slim the look of our faces every morning? Well, this face slimming lymphatic massage might be making the magic a reality!

There have been numerous TikToks, Instagram Reels, and YouTube videos talking about the benefits of getting these fancy face slimming massages. Even the Kardashians have jumped onto the bandwagon. Facial massages seem to be the latest go-to beauty regime for refreshed-looking skin. Guess what? They can even be done at home for free!! Yes, you can get glowing and younger-looking skin by giving yourself a massage as your put on your face cream.

Keep calm and cream on! This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about how to do your own face slimming lymphatic massage from the comfort of your own home.


What Is A Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

A facial lymphatic drainage massage is a massage performed on the face that specifically targets the lymph nodes on the neck and face. Massaging these lymph nodes helps to drain both the fluid from your lymph nodes and toxins from the skin. WebMD states that "This type of massage aims to help the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions". (Dan Brennan, MD on April 12, 2021).


Why Are Face Slimming Lymphatic Massages So Popular?

Well, facial lymphatic drainage massages are known to help decrease the puffiness of your skin, which is why they seemingly make your face slimmer, especially when done consistently. These massages also help improve dull complexions and can decrease skin irritation. The major hype is mainly over this massage creating a nonsurgical facelift-like effect on the skin!



What Are The Benefits Of A Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage?


Benefits of Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massages:

1.  It gives your face a youthful & radiant glow
2.  It helps improve elasticity (which is what makes skin look tight)
3.  It can make your cheekbones stand out and sculpt your jawline. Say goodbye to contouring!
4.  It can improve acne, clogged pores, and puffy looking skin
5.  It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
6.  If you have allergies, it can help reduce the puffiness of your skin and improve your allergy symptoms too!
7.  Aid in the healing process of eczema (especially when Calm Cream is applied! Click here to view a great cream for eczema).
8.  It feels amazing! If you get stressed or crinkle your face often, this massage will help to give you instant relief by releasing all of the tension in your muscles.
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Facial lymphatic drainage massages are great! It is quite literally a massage for your face that feels great AND leaves you looking even more radiant than you looked when you walked into the door. The only issue is not everyone can afford to get these fancy face massages often. A lymphatic drainage massage costs over $100 USD for 60 minutes. Since the true results come with doing these massages consistently, the price of these massages can add up quickly. Although they are MUCH more affordable than a facelift, what's even MORE affordable is to do it yourself! Yes, you can do your own facial massage at home in a matter of minutes! In the morning or at night you can give yourself your own face massage while you relax in the comfort of your own home. These face massages are easy to learn & soon you'll be able to see for yourself what these massages can do for your skin!


How Do I Give Myself A Facial Massage Similar to a Lymphatic Drainage Massage At Home?

It's easy! We've used videos of a lymphatic drainage massage being done to help you visualize how to give yourself one at home. Follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to a bouncy, beautiful face! Don't forget to grab your Calm Cream. You'll need to apply it when massaging your face to ensure your hands can easily slide on top of your skin. Click here to view Calm Cream.


5 Steps To Doing a Facial Massage At Home:


Face Massage Step 1: Wash Your Hands


Step 1: Don't Spread Bacteria To Your Face. Wash Those Beautiful Hands!

Start by washing your hands! You don't want to transfer any dirt from your hands onto your face. Since you are going to literally be rubbing your face, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before giving yourself this face massage.

After you wash your hands apply some Calm Cream to your face. This will help your hands slide on your skin easier without pulling or potentially damaging your skin from rubbing it when it is dry. Plus the Calm Cream will work to soothe and moisturize your face as you give yourself a face massage!

P.S. This massage is a great way to go about applying your face cream!



Face Massage Step 2: Massage the neck


Step 2: Massage Cream Onto Your Neck

Next start off your face massage by slowly massaging Calm Cream on your neck with your index and middle fingers.

Then tilt your head back and massage the Calm Cream under your ears, this is where the lymph nodes are on your neck. Move up to your chain and massage your jar line.

There are three key areas you should focus on massaging: under & the corners of your lips and the middle of your chin.


Face Massage Step 3: Massage the cheeks


Step 3: Massage Cream Onto Your Cheeks

It's time to massage those gorgeous cheeks! Start by massaging Calm Cream on both sides of your nose and make your way to your cheekbones!

This is the part of the massage that feels particularly good if your face feels puffy that day

Face Massage Step 4: Massage Under Your Eyes


Step 4: Carefully Massage Cream Under Your Eyes

Softly massage the skin under your eyes. Be careful not to rub or pull this skin too hard because it is very delicate!

After you're done lightly massaging under the eyes, slowly move up towards your eyebrows and massage under your brow bone.

Face Massage Step 5: Massage your eyebrows and forehead


Step 5: Massage Cream Onto Your Eyebrows & Forehead

You're almost done! Finish your face massage off with a nice forehead rub. Rub your forehead all the way up to your hairline.

Take a moment to relax and reflect on your day as you are rubbing Calm Cream into your temples! This part of the massage is very relaxing, even if you're doing it on yourself!

That's it! Just like that, you've finished your at-home facial massage! We hope this relaxes you and becomes your new favorite way to apply your Calm Cream!

Have more questions about at-home facial massages? Check out our FAQs below! 


Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about lymphatic drainage massages and how to give yourself one at home


How Long Should I Wait To See Results?

You won't see the results right away, but if you are consistent with your massages you will start to see the results show through in the appearance of your skin. Don't forget that these results are temporary and in order to continue seeing the face-lift-like results you will have to continue to do this massage twice a week for longer-lasting results. don't worry! This massage takes no time at all and is easy to add to your morning routine when you apply your Calm Cream.


Do I Need To Use Tools To Do This Massage?

No! No tools are required, just your well-washed hands! However, using a facial roller is optional. Facial rollers are great for reducing the puffiness of your skin. Tip: store your facial roller in the freezer for even better results!


Do I Need To Use A Facial Oil or Cream When Massaging My Face?

Yes! Since you are massaging your face you want to avoid rubbing your skin while dry. Massaging your face dry will result in you dragging your skin. Pulling your skin can create wrinkles and lead to further skin damage. Make sure you apply Calm Cream to your face before massaging your face. We hope you enjoy giving yourself a face slimming lymphatic massage!

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