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15 Bad Habits for Your Skin To Stop Now

We are all aware of the basic dos and don'ts of skincare. Wear sunscreen, drink lots of water, and never EVER sleep with your makeup on.  However, there is a long list of other activities we do daily, that also affect our skin. We have compiled a list of 15 habits that you could be doing that are potentially damaging your skin right now. Curbing these habits could help you achieve a more healthy and radiant glow in no time at all! Cut out these bad habits for your skin:

Bad Skincare Habit #1: Your coffee habit


1. Your Coffee Habit Might Be Damaging Your Skin

Your daily cup (or two) of coffee could be impacting the appearance of your skin. Caffeine leaves the skin dehydrated and decreases the blood flow to your face. We know it is unrealistic to ask avid coffee lovers to switch to a different beverage. I personally would never give up coffee, even though I know that I'm swapping my tired morning brain for tired-looking skin. However, we can at least reconsider the ingredients we love to put in our favorite morning drink since they can also negatively contribute to the appearance of your skin.

Dairy or creamers are known to trigger acne! Consider a substitute or use only a small amount in your daily coffee. Most importantly re-think the amount of sugar you are scooping into your coffee every day. Not only is sugar a huge acne trigger, but it also contributes to the premature aging of your skin! Not to mention reduced collagen production, which leads to inflammation, age spots, and uneven skin tone. If you're like me and can't give up coffee altogether, try to learn to love drinking it without sugar or even try it black.

Bonus: black coffee is known to decrease inflammation and other health benefits associated with it.

Bad Skincare Habit #2: Too much chlorine


2) The Effects of Too Much Chlorine On Your Skin

It's no surprise that chlorine is bad for your hair and skin. That's why after we swim in a chlorine-treated pool, our skin and hair feel unbearably dry. Cue the post-pool shower & moisturizing session. Although that we all know (and feel) the effects of chlorine, you probably don't know the reasoning or in some cases, the severity, of the damages of swimming too often in chlorine pools. The reason why your skin feels so dry post-swim is due to the chlorinated water opening up your pores, stripping the natural oils of your beloved skin. This also explains the itchy, dry, and irritated-looking skin you are left with after you get out from your dip. This drying effect can lead to premature aging!

Since we can't magically change all of the pools in the world to salt & it is unrealistic to ask you to miss out on all of the pool-time summer fun, instead, make sure you always have a good hydrating cream to slather on your skin before and after you go for a swim. Calm Cream will p
rotect the outer layer of skin from harmful effects from outdoor elements, including chlorinated pools.

Click here to see Calm Cream, which will help to cure your legs of that dry post-swim feeling.

Bad Skincare Habit #3: Exfoliating Too Often

3) You're Over-Exfoliating Your Skin

The first time I exfoliated my skin I remember being shocked at how it instantly made my skin smoother than it had felt in months! However, it didn't take long to realize that exfoliation, especially on my face, was not something my skin enjoyed on a daily basis. Over-exfoliation can leave your skin looking irritated, dry, and inflamed. Not to mention the rash-like texture on your skin that can develop due to over-exfoliation. Avoid having a dry and flaky complexion by exfoliation no more than once a week, unless your product specifically is meant for daily use.

If you're already suffering from over-exfoliation, apply a cold compress to your face and some Calm Cream to help soothe your skin. Remember, proper exfoliation can be great to remove dead skin cells and reveal more soft and radiant-looking skin, just be sure to not overdo it.

Bonus Tip: Avoid harsh ingredients in exfoliators, such as walnut scrubs. These particles can be harsh on the skin and end up damaging it in the long term. Try mixing some Calm Cream and sugar in a jar and use it as your very own DIY natural exfoliator! Be sure to wash off the mixture afterward.

Bad Skincare Habit #4: Hot Showers


4) You're Taking Too Many Hot Showers

I'm sure we all enjoy a nice hot shower or bath every now and then. We're Canadian, so we know that cold winters are often combated with one too many scorching hot, steam-filling showers. However, hot water negatively affects your skin. Especially if hot steamy showers are a daily pleasure for you. The hot water will negatively affect the outer layer of your skin, which is called the "epidermis".

The epidermis is composed of keratin cells, which become damaged when exposed to overly hot water on a regular basis. This contributes to dry and cracked skin. As the hot water is stripping all of the dirt off your skin, it is also removing the good oils your skin needs to look and feel healthy. If your skin is turning red as you shower, that is a huge indicator that you need to turn the temperature down a few notches. Don't forget to moisturize with Calm Cream after every shower!

Bad Skincare Habit #5: Picking Acne


5) Stop Picking Acne

As tempting as it may pop or pick at ache, doing so actually makes the problem a lot worse. Especially in the long term. Popping or picking your acne forces to pore debris deeper into follicles, increases your chances of developing acne scars, and makes your blemish a lot worse! It may seem satisfying to push what we think is the dirt and grime out of our skin, but when you think you're getting rid of the blemish, you're pushing the infected material down even deeper into the skin at the same time. This is why the blemish often comes back in its huge monstrous form soon after you think you got rid of it. The more you pick at your acne the worse it will get in the short term and long term too. Acne scars often are a result of picking blemishes on your skin. Instead of picking at your skin, try to wait it out and apply a spot treatment instead.

Bad Skincare Habit #6: Sleeping on one slide and on a dirty pillow case


6) Your Pillow Might Be Causing Your Breakout

Did you know that sleeping on one side or on your stomach is known to cause wrinkles? This is because the direct face to pillow contact creates friction on the skin which can stretch the collagen fibers of your skin, causing wrinkles. The direct face-to pillow contact also causes acne due to the natural oils from your hair or the dirt from your pillow seeping into your skin while you sleep. This holds especially true for those who don't frequently change and clean their pillowcases or tie their hair back at night. So swap out your pillowcases frequently & vow to become a back-only sleeper for the sake of wrinkle and blemish-free skin.

Bonus Tip: Using a silk pillowcase doesn't only make you feel like royalty, but is also extremely beneficial for your skin! Genuine silk does not absorb bacteria and reduces the amount of friction of your skin. This reduces wrinkles, acne and is overall a more clean option. (Especially for those of us who wash our sheets a lot less than we'd like to admit). Silk pillowcases are also great for your hair too! Just be sure to slip a face towel underneath your silk pillow if you also sleep with silk bedsheets. Otherwise, you might slide right off your bed slip & slide style.

Bad Skincare Habit #7: Your sugar intake


7) Too Much Sugar Could Be Aging Your Skin

We've all heard it before...."you are what you eat". So if I eat sweets, it makes me sweet....right? I'd like to think that's what they mean, but the reality is that the foods we eat show through our bodies' external appearance. The thought that my beloved baked goods are accelerating the aging process of my skin is a hard pill to swallow. Other than the clearly known fact that sugar is bad for us, many people don't know the depth behind sugar and its impact on our skin. Well, sugar or simple carbs, like our beloved baguettes, cupcakes, and cookies, break down in our bodies and are turned into glucose. The increase in our glucose levels is known to increase the insulin levels in our bodies. This causes inflammation and has effects on our entire body, hence the worldwide love-hate relationship with sugar.

So, why does sugar make you break out? Well, the enzymes that are produced during inflammation start to break down the proteins that are good for our skin, like collagen. The reduction of these proteins worsens our skin and can result in wrinkles or saggy, tired-looking skin. What about sweeteners? Well, sadly our bodies react the same way to sweeteners because they are tricked into thinking it is real sugar. However, just because sugar is bad for us doesn't mean we all have to completely abandon it. Have your cake and eat it too, just enjoy it in moderation. Click here to learn more about the effects of sugar on your health and learn about the recommendations for sugar consumption from the Government of Canada.

Bad Skincare Habit #8: Your after 5pm drinks


8) Your Drinking Habit Is Affecting Your Skin

Water. Our mothers recommend it as the solution for everything. Headache? Water. Want to lose weight? Water. Want great skin? Water. Want to relax? wa, wa....wine.

As we've aged we've swapped water for wine for more situations than we'd like to admit. Stressful day? Wine. Want to socialize? Wine. Can't sleep? wine. You get the point. many of us drink more often than we know we should. Not only is our after 5 pm drinking habit taking a toll on our wallets, but it's taking a toll on our bodies too. As opposed to water, which moisturizes our skin from the inside out, alcohol has the opposite effect.

Drinking alcohol dehydrates the skin and depletes it from essential nutrients. This is why your skin looks zombie-like when you wake up after a night of consuming one too many adult beverages. Drinking also is known to worsen pre-existing skin conditions, such as rosacea. Which explains why so many of us turn bright red when drinking. So other than avoiding alcohol consumption entirely, how can you help counteract the negative effects alcohol has on your skin? The answer is simple. Just as your mother would say...water.

Bad Skincare Habit #9: Wearing dirty sunglasses

9) Dirty Glasses May Be Causing Your Acne

Have you ever taken off your sunglasses only to notice later that all of your makeup from your nose has been removed? It's as equally annoying as it is embarrassing. Especially if you didn't notice before taking that group photo! The pressure from your shades is not only pushing your makeup off your skin but into your pores too! Make sure to wear oil-free foundations when you are wearing sunglasses to ensure your makeup won't clog your pores!

Your summer shades also might be the reason why you're breaking out. Your sunglasses carry a lot of dirt and bacteria that can be easily spread to your skin as you wear them. To avoid breakouts, make sure to wash your sunglasses regularly with soap and water! Bonus Tip: Avoid transferring the oils from your hair onto your skin by hanging your sunnies on your shirt instead of wearing them on top of your head. Better yet, keep them in their case for safekeeping!

Bad Skincare Habit #10: Blasting the ac often


10) Too Much Air Conditioning Can Dry Out Your Skin

Having the AC blast on car trips home from the beach is a simple summer luxury. We all blast the air conditioning during warm nights so we can all avoid sleeping in sweaty puddles. It's awesome and we're lucky to have it! However, AC negatively affects our skin more than we realize.

While the air conditioning removes the moisture from the air, it is removing the moisture from our skin! Why does too much exposure to air conditioning make our skin itchy and dry? Well, AC prevents you from sweating, as intended....however, our bodies feel cooler than our normal temperature which reduces the natural oil production of our skin. The lack of oil production leaves our skin looking dull and dehydrated. The longer the AC runs, the more your skin will lose its moisture and slowly start to lose its elasticity. Due to the consistent loss and lack of replacement of water from the skin tissues, this will result in your skin becoming increasingly dry and flaky. This will make your skin prone to developing wrinkles. Consider installing a humidifier in your home to combat the negative effects the AC has on your skin.

Bad Skincare Habit #11: Using The Sauna


11) Too Many Trips To The Sauna Could Be Breaking Down Your Skin's Elasticity and Collagen

The sauna is a great way to relax after a gym session or during a trip to the spa. You'd think the steam would be great for your skin, right? Wrong! Although steam rooms are beneficial for your skin, a sauna gives off dry heat with little humidity given off from water being poured onto the rocks or heater. This heat can break down the elasticity and collagen of your skin over time. To avoid over-exposure, ensure you spend only 15 to 20 minutes in the sauna, avoid alcohol consumption prior to going in and drink lots of water afterward! If you're looking for an easier way to hydrate your thirsty skin, try a moisturizer that hydrates skin instantly. Click here to see Calm Cream.

Bad Skincare Habit #12: Not wearing your glasses

12) Squinting Causes Wrinkles, Wear Your Glasses

If you find yourself squinting at screens or reading road signs, it might be time to call an eye doctor! Excessive squinting causes wrinkles, especially under the eyes. This doesn't sound like a huge problem, but we all squint without noticing we're doing it! Want to know how to get rid of or reduce the appearance of crows feet under your eyes?  Wear glasses or actively try to stop yourself from squinting. Your skin and eyes will thank you!

Bad Skincare Habit #13: Not sticking to your adult bedtime


13) Beauty Sleep is REAL! Your Lack of Sleep Could Be Causing Your Skin Issues

Beauty sleep is no joke! No amount of makeup or skincare can cover up the effects of a lacking sleep schedule. Melatonin, a hormone our body naturally releases as we sleep, is also known to be a wonderful antioxidant. This helps our skin repair itself from the damage we did to it throughout the day.

Want to know the #1 tip for eternally youthful-looking skin?

Sleep. Our skin is literally working for us by producing collagen as we sleep. This helps keep our skin looking bouncy and youthful for longer. Maybe that's why sleeping beauty woke up looking not even a day older after being cursed with eternal slumber. Sleep also prevents dark under-eye circles from making an appearance on our faces. When we say yes to the next episode and no to the "adult bedtime" we set for ourselves, we say hello to dark under-eye circles the next day.

Why does lack of sleep cause under-eye circles?

Well, when we don't get enough beauty sleep, the blood vessels under the very delicate skin under our eyes expand and cause fluid to linger. This creates the appearance of the dreaded dark circles. To create a bedtime for yourself and stick to it! You'll see a huge difference in the appearance of your skin.

Bad Skincare Habit #14: Talking on the phone



14) Stop Rubbing Bacteria On Your Face

Your phone is not only affecting your free time but the appearance of your skin too! Looking down at your phone constantly can cause neck and chin wrinkles. Not to mention the wrinkles from squinting to see your screen or the dark under-eye circles from your phone affecting your sleep patterns. (scroll back to our section on wearing your glasses or sticking to your adult bedtime).

Your phone carries more bacteria than a toilet handle. We bring our phones to the bathroom and put them down all over public countertops, yet don't blink an eye when we accept a call and put the phone right up to our cheek. The dirt and bacteria on your phone can cause breakouts, especially when placed right next to your face when talking on the phone. By cleaning your phone and case more often you can prevent future breakouts and possibly a few colds too!

Bad Skincare Habit #15: Frowning

15) Prevent Frown Lines By...Smiling!


Are you frowning right now because this blog post is about to come to an end? Hopefully not! Not only because we want you to be happy, but because we want your skin to be happy too! The "quit making that face or it will be stuck that way" statement holds true...to an extent. When you frown frequently you can develop what is commonly known as "frown lines". What are frown lines? They are those visible straight lines on your forehead that are often caused by well....frowning! If you want to avoid frown lines you can start by relaxing your face and smiling more.

There you have it! 15 ways you could be damaging the appearance or health of your skin! We hope you learned a thing or two about the health of your skin. If you are interested in learning more about skincare check out other Calm Elements blog posts or subscribe to our email list down below. Click here if you'd like to check out Calm Elements luxurious, all-natural skincare products. We hope you learned how to stop or prevent these 15 bad habits for your skin.


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