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Everything You Need To Know About Skinimalism

Skinimalism. Did you know it's an actual thing???

Believe it or not, it is one of the new leading skincare trends. It encourages consumers to be intentional and active with their skincare routines to prevent over processing our skin with too many products.

Skinimalism is the idea of approaching our skincare and makeup routines with a simpler approach. Stripping back the number of products we use on our bodies and faces each day, paying attention to what products we are using, and making sure our skin is getting exactly what it needs to glow, bringing out the best of your natural beauty.

While companies and social media may make it appear as though the only way to have beautiful skin is to use a boatload of different masks, serums, creams, and gels, using too much product can actually be doing your skin more harm than good. An Insider article reveals that "too much of a good thing – like over-exfoliating your skin with multiple acids and/or mechanical beads – can result in redness, irritation, dryness, and worsened breakouts. With so many skin-care choices available, patients often overuse or combine products – which can worsen their skin". (Insider, 2019).

It is proven that excessive skincare routines can actually destroy your skin. By layering too many products on a regular basis, you end up with a compromised skin barrier, irritation, redness, and even acne. As a result, you end up seeing none of the benefits you set out to achieve.


The Benefits of Skinimalism

Now, we have established why excessive beauty routines may not be the best for your skin. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits of Skinimalism.

Budget-Friendly Skincare

The first benefit of a reduced beauty routine is a fuller bank account. You do not need to be purchasing a ton of products or follow every skincare trend. Sticking with Skinimalism will end up saving you ton of money.

Allows You To Live Slower & Sustainably

In addition, Skinimalism will also put you on the path to living a more sustainable lifestyle. By utilizing fewer products, you are helping out the environment by reducing your overall consumption.

Does Skinimalism actually have benefits for skin?

By reducing the number of products, you use each day, the ingredients will actually be able to set into your skin and do what they are supposed to do. This leads to less irritation, less redness, less acne, and a better overall complexion. 

What are the products you actually need?

The three products you absolutely need: are cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. No matter what your skin type is these three products will assist you in achieving your best skincare routine.

Where to begin?

If you want to embark upon the Skinimalist journey you do not need to purge your entire routine to be a Skinimalist. Simply start by using one cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen daily and only adding in products with the intention of targeting a specific skin concern. Skinimalism is all about focusing on the quality of your products, improving your complexion, and getting rid of the stress that comes with trying to achieve the ultimate skincare plethora.
The idea of Skinimalism is truly to let your natural skin shine through. Utilize as few products as possible to make your skin look and feel the best. Extending beyond better skin and a freed-up medicine cabinet and bank account, Skinimalism, just like minimalism, will save you money, time, and mind space.
If you’re thinking of toning down your skincare routine, you may be hesitant to add something like an all-in-one moisturizing cream. One cream that you can use on your feet and your face? Really??

It’s true. Calm Cream is naturally formulated to be satisfying and effective to moisturize your face while simultaneously being luxurious enough to be used on the rest of your body.

So instead of stressing yourself out trying to keep up with the latest products, trends, and 20-step routines, Skinimalize to achieve the best skin, embrace your natural beauty for all of its perfections and imperfections. Add Calm Cream to your daily skincare regime; your all-in-one skincare moisturizer. Talk about Skinimalizing!!!!

When in doubt just remember one simple thing; KISS = keep it simply silly!


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